If blitz sim means I have to do more live pvp....I dont want the sim option anymore.

I agree. I was just being nice to the players who don't want PvP in MSF because that's how long it probably takes them since they aren't as good. It might even take longer for some of them. I remember when they wanted to use Characters that aren't a Full Team, but now they don't want to. They change their minds way too much & when a Game Mode is presented to us that lets us spend less time on MSF when the Sim Option is implemented, they don't want it. I wish they would make up their mind & stop changing what they want every 30 Seconds since Scopely will never know what we actually want implemented. We have a 2 Hour Cool-down for Blitz, so we would have to use Charges/Power Cores until the 2 Hours is up. It's a known fact that players who have similar TCP will score more for playing more. Time doesn't freeze.

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