If you think building your own is a hassle, try an RTA in temperature control - Its easy these days, cheap, flavourful and fun - probably even safer.

obvious but the trick there is placing the coil on a screwdriver or similar supportive stick or rod, while screwing the coil in place. This will prevent any malformation.

well damn, no i am not using any kind of rod, i thought you needed those only for making your own coils. I go to put the coil in by hand, like move it and squish it and stretch it to try and keep it somewhat coil looking while it deforms when i screw it down and cut off the legs, then when i try and put cotton in it gets caught and mangles the coil more, if i use less cotton then i get all kinds of popping and spit back. wasp nano rdta, cotton bacon strips (vape shop guy said he doesn't like the shoelace kind and to buy the cotton bacon strips), and some prebuilt coils from the local vape shop. Coils don't say what they are made of, what gauge, there is 0 info on the little plastic thing they came in. they are some kind of clapton i think they said, i know when i break them they are more than 1 wire, there are 6 wraps, not sure how to count them, it is what the vape shop said i should use with the wasp nano.

If you need to add or remove any wraps, doing this with the coil mounted on a similarly sized rod first, like a screwdriver, will allow you to do this without deforming the coil.

You saying I can take wraps off a prebuilt coil and that it will work the same? like these coils have 6 wraps, i really got to fight and use a lot of pressure to get all 6 to fit between the posts and put a lot of strain on the legs, if I could take a wrap off and have only 5 maybe it would be easier to wick cotton through.

I am starting to feel like the local shop has set me up to fail on this. Maybe I should maybe get a small rod, some SS coils, and some that shoelace cotton..

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