"If I can pay someone $100,000 in 2 weeks with no questions asked, and it didn’t hurt my pockets.. did I really lose?"

I'm being 100% sincere here: I grew up severe inner city, have a somewhat hollywood-ish white-person-appearance, and I've happened to notice my AA friends get tickled all to shit if my incidental, latent fluency in AAVE is absolutely required for substantive context, and is nevertheless delivered in the driest, 'whitest' accent you've likely ever heard. On such a rare occasion, therein we all find a small, yet greater love and appreciation of ourselves and each other in these perfectly honest and beatific moments of our complicated lives. And there is at once a grim and dark empathetic transfer of secondhand, ground-floor experience that is somehow transmuted to light, connection, and joyous shared laughter.

Being less than brain-dead, I feel the TM affectations we constantly see are somehow the opposite to all of this.

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