'If we can’t buy a house, who can?' Melbourne auction buyers frustrated

You know what, you are the typical fuckwit aussie I detest. Arrogant, fuckwit in all aspects, ignorant without accepting fault and just a pain in the arse nationalistic patriotic simpleton, a mash up of shitty Americana red neck confidence and judgemental shitty English mentality.

yeah yeah you got a pass mark from some community college on micro economics and you were able to use it to get a job as a real estate agent for a few months, doesnt mean you are correct.

As for where I am going? How do you not know I am already set up to leave and work OS regardless of the economic situation in Australia? How do you know it was always my intention to leave?

Though TBH having to listen to annoying aussies rabble on about shit they dont know, their inherited racism and greed and over all stupidity has sure helped me feel right about leaving this backwater.

Oh and enjoy your copper internet and your lighting fast uploads....LOL maybe you can reward the libs again by giving them another..oh aussies already did that ROFL.

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