If you care about your country and your rights, don't vote for any Republicans in 2022

My actual party I register for is libertarian, I don't vote republican so il clear that up first.

I'm not talking about relaxing gun laws either. The laws I mentioned are on the state level amd I know they have their say, and that's the result of living in That state. I'm talking about what on federal level.

Sure, I'm bothered that my state decides to follow legislation like magazine bans, but I still have never heard an arguement why its a plausible thing instead of something that just looks good on a ballot.

1 issue voting happens all the time. It could be for free healthcare. It could be for workers rights. It could be for environmental protections. It could be for state rights. It could be for gun rights. But if there's only one or two running candidates that want to push That specific stance. What can you do?

I dont want abortion restricted. I don't want gay rights restricted. I dont want healthcare reatricted. I dont want wormwrs rights restricrted.

It itterally comes down to I just want me or my wife to be able to grab my ar15 in case some shithead decides to break into my house and possibly hurt my under 1 year old baby.

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