If you clench your ass cheeks fully, you might just pull something like this off.. worked for me

FPP means that you need to expose yourself to gain information. The assumption that people respond to that by hiding, is just plain false. For the vast, vast majority of your 100 players it means people camp less. Because they want the information. It's only a very small percentage of psychopaths that are willing to wait in a random room in a random building and hope you come and as someone that plays for hours a day, every day (not proud of it lol) I can tell you it happens like 1 in 100 games.

Meanwhile TPP is essentially useful for camping at all times. Not just in some room; everywhere there is cover. Take cover behind a wall or rock and see everywhere over it. Take cover in a window and see outside of it. Become invisible in grass and see 360 degrees around yourself. No, it's not a 2 way street; rock guy gets to watch you with impunity and you'll be dead before you ever get to use your TPP to counter-check anything.

This is why I had to stop playing TPP. Many, many games get affected by this mechanic. Many games that go to standstills because both people are safe, yet able to collect information on each other. People seeing you with a 0% chance for you to see them. People knowing exactly when they are being pushed. This mechanic means player characters don't operate like people; they operate like people with cameras over/to the side of their heads and that is huge, and defense becomes supreme everywhere except inside a house lol.

The TPP mechanic is so much more than your ability to peek a corner. Anyway you are not wrong to enjoy TPP. I did for many hours. You can ignore this and still have fun, I just personally found it hard to ignore and I craved something with mechanics closer to how things work in a real life paintball game or something, rather than how it works in Gears of War.

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