If conservative Christians can impose laws banning gay marriage in a secular country on non-Christians, then can Hindus impose laws to ban eating beef for non-Hindus? Can Muslims propose requiring women wear hijabs? I can't imagine Christians would want to follow those laws.

Consider how many states have to go red in the Midwest to counter Cali

California is the state that holds the entire US together, and I’m so sick of the disrespect we get from Midwest and Southern states. We have the strongest state economy in the entire US (billion-dollar surplus this year), and we’d be 5th strongest economy in the WORLD if we were our own country. We have the most innovation, the most industry, the best healthcare (just expanded Medi-Cal again so even more people get free healthcare), lowest maternal mortality rates (on par with Scandinavia), and California farmers FEED the whole country more than any Midwestern states combined. We have numerous and various crops, most stuff you see in the grocery store produce we got it in our fertile Central Valley.

We’ve got giant military bases where we train Navy Seals and host the largest port in the country — everything in your house probably came through the Los Angeles port off our Pacific coast.

California pays more in federal taxes than any other state. We contribute the majority of tax dollars. You had a hurricane or natural disaster in your state and need federal emergency funds? YOU’RE WELCOME - thank a Californian for our immense productivity to be able to help your states’ asses. We pay more in taxes than we receive. And red states like Mississippi and Louisiana take more HANDOUTS than they pay in federal taxes.

AND YET AFTER ALL WE DO FOR THE USA - pay taxes, feed everyone, innovate, create, entertain you, encourage love, you shit on us as if we aren’t part of the US and need to be “balanced out.”

California does the most for this country and our votes should count equally. Someone in Wyoming shouldn’t have more say than a Californian just bc they live in a remote state.

If your state was paying for everyone else and contributing the MOST to the USA while everyone shits on you — I’m sure you’d feel the same way. It’s not a good feeling.

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