If you could send a 60 seconds voice message to the 15 years old you, what would it be?

This is you 8 years in the future. Buy bitcoin with everything you earn, it will be worth 20000 each, sell it at 20000. Don't spend all your money, use it to follow your dreams. University is a good place, try to go there, I'm doing biology now, but you could try chemistry or even physics/mathemathics. Videogames are not your life, use your time for other things. You're bisexual, you don't have to stay with her when you are not happy. If you want to invest more, invest in Apple and Amazon. But I can't stress this enough, bitcoin. Never do cocaine, never do speed. I have never done these either, but your life will be different from mine. You will be rich, there will be temptation. Make sure mom lives a happy rich life too. Support your brother and sister in everything they do. Your father is not evil either. Also, be careful for STDs.

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