If you could understand the impact of your decisions on the business value, would that be of value?

“Although the model can’t pin point to certain activities...” Then your model doesn’t provide any value at all. The end. That’s the problem and that’s why you can’t close. Be specific and read “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” by Martin Christopher. I don’t know if you have a college degree but it’s certainly not a business one. The fact that you can’t tell why no one would pay you for your services makes you look like an amateur and I’m not saying this to insult you but to help you see why your plan sucks. You’re not specific enough and you don’t provide enough information. Be more specific. WHY are you saying the things that you’re saying? Have you done the research? What are the numbers? Does your plan apply to my specific demographic? If so can you actually prove that? These are all questions I would ask you if you pitched this to me and I’m not sure you’d be prepared to answer all of them. Business isn’t like school where you can present a generic graph in a Power Point presentation and expect an A+. If I’m losing customers (i.e. value) I want you to tell me exactly why down to each customer with at least a 90% accuracy. I want an answer that looks like this “you need to change your packaging and make it lighter by 2 kilograms because the research shows your specific demographic likes to buy lighter dildos and 2 kilograms are closer to the weight of the average penis in the United States so the customer will feel more familiar with your product when they hold it” not answers based on a gut feeling. Do better and come back to us.

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