If you get a craftable weapon to drop a 5/5 roll, should you even bother leveling up the weapon?

What I've been doing is keep interesting drops that I might use while I'm working on acquiring patterns. Then, once I have the pattern done, I'll immediately craft at least one so that when I'm in the mood to level I always have something in my vault. Then, any roll that I haven't used gets dismantled and the ones I like are replaced with crafted rolls over time. And for rolls that I want to use immediately (e.g. CALUS Mini-Tool w/ Enhanced Incandescent) I'll go visit Shuro Chi.

This lets me tweak the perks to adapt to the changing sandbox as well as any change in my play style, something that non-crafted rolls don't let me do. Also, it is neat seeing the level go up over time.

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