If you deny your teen daughter birth control and she gets pregnant, it's your fault.

The hormonal IUD, implant, the pill, etc., all work by hijacking the body's natural hormonal processes and are linked with increased risks of depression. Teenagers who are sexually active are more likely to be depressed and suicidal. Unless you're an adult, you don't need these and you don't need to have sex.

Teenagers are not slaves to their impulses. I was never on birth control, but I was taught personal responsibility and that premarital sex as a minor is extremely risky and irresponsible.

Parenting should focus on teaching about actions and results, not hijacking your literal child's hormones at a time when they're just learning how to deal with them and acting like natural bodily functions need to be squashed down because you don't trust them to not treat a sacred and very emotionally bonding act like an extracurricular activity.

Kinda fucked how teenagers have such low expectations attached to them and putting innocent girls on hormonal BC methods is now a rite of passage. Keep that crap far away from me & my future kids.

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