If Deshaun Watson stays healthy, can Deandre Hopkins dethrone Antonio Brown as the #1 WR in Fantasy Football??

I just don't see it. Brown is in his prime, and he's been leagues better than any other WR for a while now. Nothing has really changed in his situation and I don't see any reason why he won't put up the big numbers again in 2018.

Some numbers to demonstrate just how good Antonio Brown is, even compared to another elite WR like Hopkins.

Over the last 5 years Brown has a 582/7848/52 line compared to Hopkins' 413/5865/36. That's insane, and Brown has 2 less games in the time period.

Last year Brown had 7 games against top 10 pass defenses. He averaged 7.4/106/.43 a game. And would've finished the season with a statline of 119/1696/7 if he had only played top 10 pass defenses. That's 271 points in .5 ppr.

Now if you take Hopkins' first 7 games (the ones with Watson at QB). You get 6.4/86.6/1 on a per game basis. That's 103/1385/16 on the season. In those 7 games Hopkins went up against two top 10 pass defenses. That's 286 points in a .5 ppr league.

So in a nutshell, Hopkins barely edges out Brown as the WR1 last year if he get's a full season of Deshaun Watson somehow maintaining a pace of 43 passing TDs, and they're consistently up against weak pass defenses on a weekly basis. And that's assuming if Brown is up against a top 10 pass defense literally every week.

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