If we don't say "high functioning" anymore how do we talk about it

That's whew I'm getting to get. I want my husband to understand. I know he cares about me because when I was like dude I'm autistic he was like well you never told me that you are autistic and I said while I was embarrassed about it because people treat you like your stupid when you tell them that you're autistic and he said you told me about all your other problems and I was fine with it why wouldn't I be OK with you being autistic. His mom used to take care of people with autism but that was back when they used to shove everybody that had disabilities into one room. So I don't know if hes been around people with autism or understands it But I Want to watch like actual legit good documentaries about it are there links or lake proper websites cause I know like the program people with autism gets a lot of slack because they are negative in some way

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