If Eminem was 20 years younger and he blew up today, would he become as big as he was back then?

Hard to imagine him releasing the SSLP or MMLP today and becoming the worlds biggest artist. But it's really hypothetical so i don't think there is a clear answer. No Em back back in '99 would also mean he would probably still be the first to rap like that so...maybe? I mean the whole story would be a lot different with Dre likely not be the one signing him, social media etc

I'd say if he got lucky to get the exposure and right people to work with he could still make it just because he has the talent but everything would be a lot different.

Also i'm not sure if becoming as big as Eminem was from MMLP to TES/8 Mile is even possible in this day and age. I feel like this hype for certain celebrities is dying out a lot faster with everyone being online 24/7 so it seems hard to actually keep that up for years but that's just my assumption.

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