If you ever had a girl who was interested in you, but you never got to hangout/date with, what is your story?

We have board examinations here where I live where I would need to go to some other college to give the final tests. I am from a school which has hundreds of branches all over the state. So there was this group of girls from another branch of our college. One of them who was sat beside me on the second or third day tried to talk to me. We chatted the day before but that day she was so tense she literally had sweat rolling down her face. She then told me that I was handsome and that her friends think so too pointing at them. I looked over at her friends and saw one smiling. Being the awkward shy shit that I was, I died inside blushing so much and wished my death to come faster lmao. And right then I heard one of my old friends there, whom I haven't met in years, call me from outside the room and I took that opportunity to escape the embarrassment lol. I was so fucking stupid. And I'll remember that compliment for the rest of my life lmao.

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