If everybody on Earth lived to the same standards of living as Americans, four Earths are needed to sustain the population. What is your opinion on this?

With arable land loss, desertification, pollution, collapse of ecosystems, deforestation, melting tundra, and the release of super greenhouse gases worldwide, I'd say the BBC is just scapegoating to avoid admitting they're at fault too.

Imagine if we put as much effort into saving our planet as we do pointing fingers...

Australia was on fire recently, every sacred habitat razed, because no one in power listened.

We're approaching 8 billion people and are using the Earth as a trashcan and they're worried about how many Earths one single nation with 330 million people would need for sustainability while rivers and lakes are completely and utterly trashed in the nations with over a billion each... Did I mention the blame game?

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