If Forrest Gump of our time period was to tell his life story at a bus stop, what historical events would he have been apart of?

People last 2 years were amazing... I still love the Negro. I only talk about the Healthcare anyway. Because I want it fix and globally done.

So, we love each other... but I prefer keeping distance, that man smells chicken and he goes directly to the post.

They think I don't behave under cameras... fuck you all! fuck you all! you're just Jealous tell them the truth, and your jealousy and envy will end up killing me just like happened with the Fat Pharisees before...

It's stupid, fucking stupid! I could be catching a plane right now... and seeing Snoopy. OH NO, NOT TAKING ME? THEN DIE.

I don't care, fuck you all! I have my privileges I sacrificed 2 years of my life... for preaching the Word. And doing all kind of beautiful shit.

Saving NSA ass is everyday for people like me, I am more patriot than Bush I don't install bombs in the bases of any building in New York like he does.

So fuck me, I am sick of all of you... 9/11 they really thought 2 planes take down a building, when you can see the Bombs in the bases at the beginning of the happening.

Leave me alone! you're a disgrace U.S and deserve more Terror... wasted in HomeLand like Garbage, like douche bags. Wasted in Home Land security like if they didn't have a Father or Mom... and that's right they don't!

They only have surveillance, high tech... Alien shit. I don't understand why 27 december. I still have all the leaders watching and I trying to escape from this land of shit... like if I didn't let them know who I was before.

Like if that was nothing, I provide Hope for the numbers you can't handle... and you know I can code a better Bank with my Hakkars than all your Harvard Scholars and Yale newcomers. Who work and direct themselves at the same system... never thinking outside the Box.

So yeah, I am everything... a fucking God, oH Jesus fuck me in the ass! is that what they say... or lets get someone for Jesus to trash! he's angry and tired! wearied.

Nono, get him some pussy! Oh noe! Get him some nice cars... you know it's OK. I am the Pirate and I am the one looting the Island... I just say, as much as I love everyone who really supports and want to see a Hero that can take all that Leader bullshit and still manage to address them at the Table... I say so

And people support me and love me, but not here! and they fucking break my relationships and ties... I could be stalking Warren already without the need of a single word from Somalia anymore. But I have to, I don't know why! they want more! They want to know if they are saved... or even worst, in a few days come asking for more Mercy. For everything they have said and done.

It's fucking sad people! I never thought it was getting this way... But It got this way, because I know the peasants... that's why Before Christmas I trash them all... I know they cannot do shit and will never be able to get out of this fucking hell. They breed shit artists and shit stars never make outside... I do, I fucking make it anywhere.

I wish they send me to Algeria... I am dying for some Arabs.

This place? Rotten! GO to a hotel with some bitches? You wanna kill them... really, who wants to stay here? For seeing who?

Oh my God people... kill me already.

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