If Game Freak is cutting pokemon from now on. I want them to have the balls to cut pikachu or charizard in a future game.

Picture this.

You’re a young child, perhaps 6 or 7, opening your copy of Pokemon Red on your birthday. You’re incredibly excited, pick Squirtle as your starter, and begin to play through. Eventually, you beat the game with your level 100 Blastoise, who is now your favourite Pokemon.

You’re now a few years older. Gold and Silver are announced, and you eventually get Pokemon Silver. You transfer across your Blastoise, and breed a brand new Squirtle in this game, once again begin training it to level 100.

You continue this pattern through Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White 2, X and Moon.

It’s 20 years later, you’re almost 30. You open up your copy of Ultra Sun, and head to the PC. There sits a box of level 100 Blastoise, transferred over from every game. In the top left corner sits your original Blastoise from Pokemon Red, over 20 years ago. Your eyes flicker towards the bottom right, where your brand new level 1 Squirtle is sitting, ready to be taken on a brand new adventure.

Then you hear the news. Squirtle cannot be transferred to Galar. Your team of Blastoise will remain in your copy of Ultra Sun, along with that brand new Squirtle. He will never have that adventure. Your original Blastoise is now over 20 years old. You have taken him through every game, through every generation, but the end has come. It’s time to say goodbye. You turn off your DS, and open up Pokemon Sword. You play through the game. But it’s not the same. You don’t have Squirtle by your side.

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