If god loves everyone why does he let us die, why does he hate my people? (LGBT+) , and why does he threaten to send non believers to Hell?

The only one spewing hate is yo...not me.

I get called every name in the book. So what? It doesn't change who I am.

Do people call you names? I bet some do. But most don't. I didn't call you a name. And so what if people do?

You've already said you're not a christian and you despise religion. I am a christian and I can barely tolerate religion.

The only kind of religion that God says is pure, is a religion where you make a difference in the lives of people while living life with self-control. Most people already do this.

The only actual difference between a believer and an unbeliever, is how much enjoyment in life is available.

Between the two groups, they both sin the same, they both break laws the same, the kill as often, they rape as often, they have the same number of pedophiles, mentally ill, diseased, short lived and long lived people. In other words...there is distinguishable difference.

The only people who have ever given you a hard time in life...is other people. And, apparently, you have made you think that God is a jerk. And thats too bad. Not only because he's not, but because life with him allows for the possibility to enjoy life fully. But too many christians don't walk in this possibility. Their too busy being right, talking about how wrong everyone else is.

I didn't mean to upset you. You have my apologies. I was laughing because today, for some reason, i have been called everything in the book. My list inclused heteric, satanist, racist, homo, homophobic, its laughable.

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