If you have a high value job/are rich, it is not something to openly mention...and how a man escaped the BB.

Do not let people know you have money.

Now tyler, thats where you're wrong because thats exactly what I intend to do. Alright guys take a knee. I'm average looking, make around the national average when it comes to income, I'm boring and my personality is dogshit. So what do I do? I go out and buy a corvette from upper-mid 2000s and have it professionally painted to look slick as fuck. Now to you guys you would probably like the car but you'd know it was only worth around 25k, but to someone who doesn't know shit about cars it looks new and expensive. I dress very nicely, courtesy of the good will on the nice side of where I live. Women notice shit like crazy so you need to let her see some shit. Starbucks, coffee shops, gas stations, grocery stores. Anywhere public where the girl gets a good look at my car before any conversation ever starts. She sees me, she sees the car and dots start connecting but its not enough on its own she needs to see one more proof of my SMV before she will 100% come with me in my car for sex. So what do I do? I buy something that justifies why I was even there to begin with in front of them after getting their name, maybe I'll tell them to pick out a coffee I should get. The point is that they see me make the purchase. I carry 1000~ dollars in 10s and 20s, its not a lot of money but it looks like a lot of money and I act like "ehh no big deal, just walk around money". Thats it, its over at that point. As soon as we get back outside (I never stop moving the whole time), I say the same thing every single time "hey do you wanna go have sex real quick?". Normally that would never work, unless you prime her like I do. It works enough times I'll rent a motel room the morning I plan on playing this game. You can hate the money grubbing whores, the gold diggers, a girl who would let you half a foot in her just because it looks like you've got cash... or you can embrace them and use it to your advantage. The guys that work at that motel know me by name and they even give me a discount because I stay there so often. Game on boys.

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