If I'm proficient & experienced with running wires & installing new outlets, how big "a jump" is it for me to learn how to connect **a new line** to a fuse-box?

Well considering the feeder that comes into the panel from the transformer is unfused except at the primary side of the transformer the amount of electrical energy and fault potential is very high... if you short something out or touch the main lugs, buss bar, feeder conductors, etc... it will explode hot molten chunks of steel with heat that is hotter than the surface of the sun, permanently disfigure you, and probably kill you if you make the wrong move. Other than that not a big deal

Duly noted (no sarcasm whatsoever I swear, I realize in-text that would read wrong w/o me correcting it!), am assuredly not going to 'wing it' or even begin until/unless I'm 100.0% on what I'm doing being safe - so are you saying that it's not possible to simply "kill the incoming line" in any "at home" way? I guess that leads me to the obvious confusion of *how on earth does an electrician install a new 12g onto an existing box?*

Thanks a ton for the quick reply and again I want to be clear I have ZERO intention of approaching this if not fully confident, I have electrician-friends that can help or do it for me if needed but ideally I'd be doing this myself (they're "friends" in a professional sense, they won't be doing this for free lol!)

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