If they joined, could Gido, Riehlvelt and Sadaso pass the 287th Hunter Exam

Well they do have their disabilities holding them back but even a crap nen user should be able to do significant damage to a normal human, I mean look at what happened to Gon when he didn't use his aura to block a nen covered spinning top. These would of had decent potential if they didn't base their hatsu's off their disabilities and got a nen teacher instead of learning and "awakening" nen the hard way which is why they're disabled in the first place. Considering they made it to level 200 they should be somewhat decent.

Sadaso's Aura Arm is probably a pretty stupid ability considering it's only invisible to non-nen users unless he uses In which would take more effort but any other nen user would catch on quickly.

Gido is an enhancer but uses manipulation to move his tops around pretty stupid considering most enhancers have very low efficiency with manipulation (about 40%) and he is nowhere near Netero's level for it to not be a big deal and has no bottom half of his body at all.

Riehlvelt's hatsu is tolerable considering his condition but he should of had a second hatsu to help with electrical twin snake whips. Could probably come up with an awesome hatsu similar to Killua's if he did.

As for the exam they can all simply just help each other out. Like the first part with the running they could all just hop on Riehlvelt's wheelchair and do an Aura burst and probably even go past Satotz. They would have to be more cautious when running in the swampland, although they could use Gyo to help see around.

They could possible avoid jumping off the cliff if they have Riehvelt use his whips to catch them if they can reach far enough. Legs don't seem necessary since all you do is fall, grab one and wait for the wind to brind you back up. Obviously Gido and Riehvelt won't bring their crutches and wheelchair along. Heck Riehvelt could use his whips to swing around on the spider eagle web.

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