If you jump ship now, the gates are closing behind you. Unless I see boots on the ground, I am with Trump. Don't bother coming back if you've lost faith.

Everybody that is flipping out, please at least try to stay calm. I know this looks really bad, and it very well might be, but it helps nothing to act hysterical. That holds true for the people immediately shit-talking President Trump, and for the people that are calling everybody that is even a little bit worried a concern troll.

It is perfectly reasonable if you don't support Trump after the smoke clears, and if all of the information comes out and shows that this was a bad decision. If we actually go to war with Syria over this, then it's completely rational to jump ship. Nobody can blame anyone for that, because it would go against a large part of what he campaigned on. The vast majority of us do not want to be the world's police, and we absolutely do not want to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers and spend money we don't have on more wars in the Middle East.

Right now though, some people are having a knee-jerk reaction to something we don't have any information on. This was not a declaration of war. We are not at war right now. We have no clue what will come of this and whether it will be a successful show of strength that stops further military action, or if it will end up being a mistake that sparks another terrible war. We should know very soon which way this is going to go, and there will be plenty of time to voice our opinions.

President Trump inherited a world of shit, especially in the Middle East. At least wait more than a few hours before publicly condemning the guy that has been fighting for us more so than any President has done in recent history.

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