If Kenny and The Bucks jumped ship

Who knows man. I doubt they leave aew now that cody left, I think they probably feel even more committed now.

But if had to guess.. In my opinion, which isn't gonna sit well with some, the bucks would be the best tag team in wwe instantly and omega would be the best wrestler in the ring in wwe aswell, it would not be hard to book them good. All the fresh matchups, no reason it wouldn't be fire and awesome. But that isn't how things work in wwe, they book a certain way, the lay matches out a certain way and vince mcmahon slots the wrestlers into specific roles and it takes an extraordinary amout of fan support to have him change plans.

Trying to predict wwe is a fools errand. Cody looks like megastar right now, where will his place be this time next year tho? 1 year McIntyre was king the next he isn't, big e got a moment then dropped down.

Only consistent wrestler there is roman.

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