If you leave enough google reviews, they send you free socks.

To all the people saying I'm level 5, 6, 7, and got no socks, but that guy was level 3 or 4 and got them, here's what I believe to be the reason:

It's a test. Google, like most tech companies, tests the crap out of everything before putting significant capital behind it. My educated guess is that someone in a meeting said something like, "Hey guys, what if we gave our members socks? I bet that would drive more engagement and participation!" Then someone else said something to the effect of, "You wanna ship a million pairs of socks all over the world? Let's try it with 500 people and see if your hunch is correct."

So you will either get your socks, or not get your socks, but only if the test shows that it's effective. BTW I got no socks either.

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