If I have a lose steak, will it help my MMR if I don't play Ranked for a few days?

No. Stop trying to cheat the system and improve yourself.

Levels and matches played doesn't mean anything. If you are truly a "good player" for your elo, then your team has a guarantee of one good player. The enemy team has 0 guarantees. The same goes for AFKs, trolls and feeders... your team has the advantage mathematically in the long run. So if you can't maintain your rank, you're at your peak.

All this post does is inform people that you rely on your team to win, which is reflected by the type of champions you play and the mistakes you make in ability maxing. You also make item build mistakes.

Overall I don't see many mismatches in your ranked games. Remember every player has to climb through games like these. If you're a low impact style of support then that's your choice, don't blame the game.

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