If the map is today’s map without the rift effecting anything

Judging by the effects of the Zero point exploding I think the places that will return will probably be...

• Moisty • Racetrack • Dusty (Confirmed) • Factories (Confirmed) • Prison • Abandoned town near junk (Unlikely) • House on the mountain (where Viking village is)

Other changes...

The bottom left and top right of the map will remain the same as they were caused by a different chain of events.

Loot lake will most likely remain the same as the Cattus fight still happened. However maybe it was affected by the blast?

Neo Tilted and Mega mall will probably remain too. However the slipstream going around the map is gone.

  • The Tilted building that kept getting destroyed may be different since it was destroyed 2 times less in the new timeline.
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