If you have a moment...

Especially once you are looking to entire a career-type job, you'll wants notes to compare between different companies you interview with. Some examples I'd make note of: what's the day to day look like, is there any mention of benefits (if they mention amount of vacation or even make mention of whether it is lax vs strict when scheduling days off, a 401k w employer contribution, if they offer dental and vision beyond just health insurance), perhaps even writing down the questions they ask you so you can polish solid responses for future interviews.

I interviewed for two places on back to back days, so it's helpful to have notes in case you need a tie breaker of sorts. I'm really not much of a note taker, but it's helpful to write questions down as you think of them. I'd say as a general rule, you do NOT want to come to an interview with no questions to ask them. Asking questions demonstrates preparedness and shows you are interested in working there beyond just desiring employment.

Lastly, for some unsolicited advice, I'd highly recommend becoming familiar with the STAR method of interviewing. You really want to expand on your responses and make yourself a bit interesting. Giving all yes/no responses is brutally boring and doesn't give them any taste of your personality.

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