If you move out of California to another state please don’t turn said state into California.

Yeah, "California legalised gay paedophilia" is right wing propaganda.

[https://www.abc10.com/mobile/article/news/local/california/state-senator-defends-controversial-bill/103-f911e344-503d-4e45-8d70-c745cad03c80] (Article.)

In cases of statutory rape between a man and a woman, the ultimate decision whether or not to prosecute is made by the judge. This is so the case can be dismissed if the people in involved are 18 and 17, and both parties consented.

Before this bill was passed, statutory rape was always a criminal offence for homosexuals, even if both parties were mature and consenting. This bill changes that, and gay couples are now judged on the same level as straight ones.

This bill does not, under any measure, legalise sexual assault or paedophilia.

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