If a musician always sounds great when practicing, they are practicing the wrong things.

I have perfect pitch, which, for various reasons is wasted on me.

Like seriously, the concept of auto tune JUST hit me yesterday. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for a long time and it’s getting better and it was like - man alive! I can really HEAR it! I had no idea how much musicians rely on auto tune and alternatively how bad people sound- totally unintentionally! I just thought they were being “creative”! I also never understood why people needed to whip out a kazoo (kazoo? Idk what’s it’s even called) to start a song and just thought they were being pretentious and showy.

Turns out I’m the jerk. I am extremely adept at noticing when I’ve gone wrong in singing so coupled with health conditions, these days I’m lucky to get past the first three words. I’ll start practicing again though! I used to hum (incessantly as my mom put it) and sing in the shower. I’m gonna start doing that more :D

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