If naruto trains sarada then what would he teach her?

Himawari is 10. Sarada is 11. Barley a difference.

Where did you get that info? Himawari is 5/6 years old in the anime while Sarada and the others are 11.

She first has to learn the basics in the academy then she'll be ready for training.

We don't even know if Himawari is interested in being a ninja, a couple of episodes ago Hinata was talking about she'd be fine if Boruto chooses not to become a ninja and the camera pans on Himawari.

I don’t even know what he could teach Sarada that would benefit her fighting style.

The same can be said about Boruto and Sasuke.

Being a master isn't only about teaching jutsu, it's also about morals. Jiraiya taught Naruto more than his Rasengan - he made him the man he is today.

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