If not for trans subreddits I don't think I would ever have considered I might be trans, could too much time in trans spaces create this confusion?

I am a cis person. I spend a decent amount of time in these spaces. I disagree with this comment completely. I think that it can be very bad to make such a generalized statement. This issue is complex and incredibly nuanced. As a female born woman, I felt some inklings of gender confusion. But as I looked into everything holistically, I learned that my feelings were coming from a place of internalized homophobia and misogyny, as well as a weak/unstable sense of self stemming from my BPD.

I learned this because I educated myself not only here, but also in spaces that would be considered “gender critical”. I also educated myself as a person who knows that they have trauma and underlying mental issues, which I believe is an extremely important thing to consider. It took me being honest with myself and my issues, consulting open minded professionals irl with an open mind myself, and extensive research to determine that I am not trans.

If I stuck to Reddit and tumblr I am sure my experience would have been different.

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