If only it was always done with this level of respect

How did he turn down a date? If that was turning down a date, how does he end the fledgling relationship. Is any effort to do so evidence that he expected another date? So if he didn't expect another date his only proper response was ghosting?

You have shifted arguments repeatedly, and ignored the paradox of agreeing that you have been speculating but insisting that your conclusions are factual.

It's not straw man

Your use of straw-man was a particular rhetorical maneuver. Your insistence on an ambiguous "it" is pretty clear evidence that you don't know what the fallacy is. You haven't responded in any sensible way to my pointing out that you used it.

At this point you're just resorting to any turn of phrase to pursue the argument. You've given up any pretense at honest argument and exposed yourself as a person of no character.

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