If only they knew how stupid their argument was...

Sadly this post isn't really as stupid as we all want to act like it is. Just as in how people shouldn't have acted like people flexing Trump's support was stupid. It's not stupid, it's well founded based on the systematic division of territories and delegates.

I fucking hate these dumb dick-waving confidence memes, like I have more supporters, or this person is over confident. This shit leads to idiots like Trump being elected. I'm talking about this post, not the tweet BTW. It's fucking sad because all these morons just post dumb ass articles like "Bernie gonna win cuz this poll" or something.

It's a dumb flex, can't people keep to the high ground and talk about the fucking issues instead of this sad shit. Like the dude was acquitted and their confidence was validated. You make everyone who is sane look stupid and whiny by posting this shit.

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