If Paganism was the majority.

Just a few rough guesses.


  • In movies, the witch would always be good, or the bad witch would be a cautionary character.
  • There would be more horror movies like White Noise that caution against the abuse of the supernatural.
  • Fantasy settings would have more Christian symbolism, and vampire stories would use pentagrams or Mjolnir pendants.
  • Country music would have grown out of pagan folk, rather than gospel.


  • The Conservative party would be significantly more environmentally conscious and egalitarian.
  • Patriarchy would not have risen in the West.
  • Candidates would run on platforms of what gods they worshipped at temples, and this would be based in turn on what their platform was. This popular Odin candidate would be running against that popular Ceres candidate, etc.
  • "In gods we trust" and "one nation under gods" would significantly shift the philosophical foundation of the United States; a collection of united states would then show characteristics of different parts of different pantheons, based both on philosophical values and on cultural background.
  • There would be less Fundie candidates, but more candidates that ran on a religious platform, due to a wider spectrum of supported philosophical views.


  • More sports team names would be for legendary creatures, with the New England Valkyries playing against the New York Fomorians and such.


  • More architecture would have more statuary, more legendary creatures and depictions of gods.


  • Not much would change in money, but environmentalism would have a massive influence on infrastructure development. It's likely that electric cars would have become dominant instead of fossil fuel powered.
  • New gods would exist for modern concepts. They could be referred to as gods of the digital age, the goddess of the computer and the god of communications, etc.

Hm, I'll think of more later, this is just what I can come up with off the top of my head.

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