If a person you know had weighed 500+ lbs and because of this did not date, but now has lost significant ammounds of weight and are now in the mid 200 lbs range, what would you recommend to them to help them get in the dating scene and find a partner?

OP this is the Best answer right here. Many times ive been "looking for dates" and been met with nothing. But, when you really put yourself out there for EVERYONE and not just people you're looking to date you'll find it'll happen much easier. Dont focus on dating anyone.

If you are nervous its much easier to start with guys and move on from there. Have a friend you havent hit up in awhile? Ask him and a couple friends to the bar. Have fun with them. Joke around with the bartender. Bring the random guy who is sitting close to you into the conversation. Even if just for his opinion on a discussion your friends are having. I also found becoming a regular at certain places like a bar or coffee shop will help a lot.

Find something to compliment about people, everyone. Don't compliment constantly, but make an effort to mentally think of something you like or enjoy about everyone.. Again, if this is difficult for you start with friends. Don't be weird about it. Find small things in life, just make a quick comment about it and move on. Start doing this with women where it is normal to make small talk with, like that cashier at that gas station you always go to or a grocery clerk.

That's another thing that helped me grow socially a huge amount. Getting comfortable with small talk. Do it. All the time. Every chance you get. Say stupid shit, like oh wow the weather today! No one cares or remembers at all what you just said once the Convo is done. Small talk is the best free pass, no stress needed, training for all social encounters.

I know its super cliché. But be you. Even if maybe just a little more social and friendly you..

You'd be amazed at how much being comfortable, friendly, and confident will make you popular with both sexes.

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