If a process was developed that would make your brain match your body, would you do it?

I'm not sure they implied reparative treatment, moreso a completely hypothetical treatment. I feel changing the gender someone identifies with wouldn't change the person they are. Just make them comfortable being themselves in their randomly generated body.

Since I think we've more of less finished our discussion, I just wanted to touch on this last point. The reason I said reparative therapy is because it doesn't matter if the hypothetical treatment wasn't intended to be magical reparative therapy, it wound up being reparative therapy anyway. It's changing someone's mind to make them comfortable with their assigned gender, just like it is used to try to make someone comfortable with heterosexuality when they're not.

I see where you're coming from, but i don't think "changing someone's mind to make them comfortable with their assigned gender." is equivocal to sexuality rehabilitation therapy. Most of my arguments come from a very personal standpoint (and i hope nobody thinks i'm biased.) My mindset might seem 'extreme' but i hope they hold water to people who.think outside the box.

The reason I do think that my gender identity is part of who I am is because it's not a feeling. It's simpler and more complex than that. It's a recognition, a feeling, a perspective, and an identification. I am a girl, I really like that about myself, and I wiseryone could see it because it's pretty goddamn awesome to be a girl.

(Not that it's not awesome for guys to be guys, non-binary folks to be non-binary, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri to be small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.)

Naww its fucking awesome to finally feel though...

So taking that away from me isn't just making me comfortable in my assigned gender. It's taking away all of this stuff about myself. The fact that I like hearing someone say 'that's Alex, she's a girl' and everything I mentioned above. That's not a small change. And that's why changing it sounds so horrible to me.

Again thanks for sharing. Its so....well amazing, to have someone who understands to discuss this with. I come from farmville and I'm the second trans person to come out in 2 decades.

One is glad to be of service. :)

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