If you’re a stay-at-home wife or husband you should absolutely be expected to do the majority of the house chores

I’m a stay at home dad. I make more money than my wife. I do 95% of the chores. This is how I prefer things. However, for the sake of being devils advocate, how is it right that I have to provide more financially, do most of the chores, and do most of the child raising? Here’s how I feel about it. Even if I worked more than 40 hours a week, and my wife as a stay at home mother, I would STILL do 50% of the chores. Because that’s who I am. I hope this isn’t something you ranted about because your wife wants more help around the house, and you constantly respond with “well I’m the one who works and provides, so you do everything around here!” If your wife asks for help around the house, you help. Period. And that’s just my own perspective on things. I hope people don’t downvote me too much. Also, being a stay at home parent can sometimes be more work than working a 9-5. I never get off the clock. At 7pm you can find me doing dishes. At 1am you can find me doing laundry. On the weekends, I am still cleaning and doing stuff at the same level as mon-fri.

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