If you really want to stick it to the backstabbing suits; switch from holding BTC to holding Bitcoin Cash: BCH.

Two weeks ago, there were more americans hospitalized than at any point in the country's history. This week, they opened up ACA enrollment again, why?.

Big Healthcare has increased prices 10% a year for decades. There are virtually ZERO cost controls in Obamacare. If people decided that herd immunity through infection was a good idea, well those bills should come due about NOW.

Obamacare was a scheme to literally force millennials to pay for boomer care because everything is priced 3-100x what it costs in other countries. It is literally a scheme to redistribute the bulk costs for 18% of the GDP from old people to young people and families. The burden is literally effecting the birth rate and life expectancy of the US.

Fuck them NOW, if YOU want to live

Corporations aren't people when they're insolvent.

If health insurance is a binding contract that actually obligates payment for medical expenses, then let the industry that longed american intelligence get liquidated. Collectively say "I'm sorry it is covered", they actually have to pay with money they have, not future premiums from clueless millennials. That is the instrument they SOLD, that is what insurance is for.

An alternative instrument for millennials should be cryptocurrency hyper-deflaiton, which is a reliable tool that can outpace 10% inflation and give young people access to healthcare to physically survive America. Or have a family.

This is the way:

  • Set up a dedicated automated buy for the right bitcoin (cash, the currency),
  • Save around what you would spend for insurance in your area.
  • Use it for any medical expenses.
  • Get a passport for major elective stuff.
  • Negotiate for services ahead of time in cash.
  • Stop paying corporations trying to literally fucking kill you for profit.
  • Stop being afraid of the doctor
  • Get your doctor's medical opinion, not what a claims rep. thinks is covered.
  • Get the actual medicine your doctor prescribed, not the one insurance dictated
  • Don't do stupid stuff like skateboarding, motorcycling or parkor.
  • Wing-suiting is okay, if you use the Last Will plugin, set it for 18 months.
  • NEVER EVER EVER pay off any debts with less that 10% interest with this fund.
  • 2.5% inflation with a 2.5% mortgage is effectively a zero percent mortgage. Do NOT use crypto to pay off a 0% loan.

This is not a political position, like whether your pinko fireman wears a mask or not.

This is not an ideological reason to support bitcoin. Self preservation is primal.

The position is: you need bitcoin or you will literally die at the hands of american medicine. An uncensorable p2p currency with a fixed supply and low emission is just a useful and necessary financial instrument to live in america.

Bernie is never coming. Health care costs will go up 10% next year. Public health will continue to be dismantled. There will always be horror stories on reddit from americans who had insurance and got financially wreaked or worse.

In ten years, when someone offers a non-custodial health insurance savings account denominated in Bitcoin Cash, roll it into that for a decade long tax break and have them manage it. Maybe coinbase will do it in 2 weeks, who knows.

In 20 years when everything is twice as expensive as it is now, only people who used something like a bitcoin HSA will have unfettered access to healthcare in america (and billionaires, who don't get billed regardless) although they will likely be the same people.

Roger and Dot Com support Bitcoin Cash because they had their business destroyed by the US Federal government. They are **not** shills, they made a serious decision to protect their business.

Well, there are way more people who would come to Bitcoin Cash to gain protection from what the hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical industries have done. And it is pretty fucking deadly serious.

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