If You Self-Publish Your Book, Can You Sell It to a Big Publisher Down the Road -- And Would You Even Want To?

After reading the Brianna Goux AMA, some posts debated the "self-publishing" thing for a "worth x quality" point of view. So I researched about this theme and found this (old) article interesting.

My advice to anyone writing a book? Unless you are well known and you can sell books regardless of who the publisher is, try to get an agent and get your book in front of some publishers. If you get rejected, try to get real feedback from people with experience in the industry and make adjustments to your work if it feels appropriate. Then go back out there again and try to find an agent. I would give the process six to eighteen months. If every door is starting to close and you are tired of waiting, then my advice is definitely to self-publish. If the book supports a career you are already in, give lectures and sell books at events. If this is a new career for you, make relationships with bloggers and take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle Select program, then give your book away for free or at a discount to create a fan base. Spend some time marketing your book creatively each week and then... start writing your next book. Enjoy that your work is out there and know that MAYBE your books will sell over time or MAYBE you will get a major publishing deal like I did. There is also the possibility that you will simply be satisfied just to get your work out into the world and that you’ll be joyful each time one person experiences your work. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep your dream alive!

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