If you seriously think this, Borderlands is not the game for you.

So you face homophobia? Please share. And you clearly don't understand it if you think it isn't still alive in our society. Kids are afraid to come out to their parents for fear of being shunned, major religions say being gay will send you to hell, there are no protections from being fired for being gay in more than half US states.

No, you made a statement and tried to retroactively act like it was a joke. You stereotyped gay people.

You said I should just "relax" and understand the views of someone being discrimantory, I said I wouldn't relax if I was being discriminated against, suddenly you say "You’re not being discriminated against." referring to this comment chain only. You took my general statement and tried to make it seem ridiculous in the context of a Reddit thread. So yes, you were being dismissive.

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