if SGA actually mattered

Ok first off, this is beyond absurd. I had to create an account just so I can comment on this. You created an account simply to spew out a 1000 word essay about something this meaningless? What do you work for another campaign or something? Jesus. You spent all the time breaking down every single thing they say in their video? Who does that? This must've taken you hours.

First off, I like how loose they are. They're right. Elections are a huge popularity contest and SGA circle-jerk. Its nice to see someone breaking into that. I hate all the bubbly girls handing out buttons around campus trying to get votes. Why should that qualify anyone? It is a dumb popularity contest. They are right about that.

God your opinions are awful. While SGA elections do matter a little bit, they are hardly as important as you make them out to be. SGA positions are basically just faces for the school. This 6 million dollars you speak of? No student has real power over that. Get over yourself. Use your time studying or something.

Let's do a play-by-play of your response:

First, their slogan: Say less, do more. What have either of them done in any capacity with SGA previously? >Have they ever actually worked with constituents? Formed bills? Balanced budgets? Started initiatives and >seen them through? They haven't done anything of note to better the institute as far as I'm aware other >than being in their fraternity. So am I to understand here that you have no clue who these people are, yet you assert that "They haven't done anything of note"? That seems about right. It makes sense that a random person on the internet knows enough about them to comment on their accolades and accomplishments.

With regards to their approach to campaigning we don't believe in wasting our resources or our time. >Another way of saying that is, this position is so low priority to me, I don't actually feel like investing >myself in it. They aren't saying they don't want to waste their time on the position. I think they're saying that they don't want to hand out buttons around campus and make t-shirts and do all the fru-fru stuff. They even say themselves that they'll take the position seriously if elected? Do you really think that someone wouldn't? Come on. Grow up.

"We can however make the claim that we will put forth our greatest effort, and honestly do the best work >possible." You aren't even putting effort into campaigning!!! How am I supposed to believe you'll put effort >into doing your JOB. Absurd. Once again, do you really believe that someone won't do a good job with a serious position just because they aren't blowing people for likes on Facebook? Honestly. You sound like one of those cynical people who sit alone watching Sean Hannity with a bottle of lotion and some tissues.

"What we can promise to do if elected is to show up to the first SGA meeting with a clean slate and an >open mind."Isn't that a promise that's sort of....meaningless? I would expect that of any candidate. For a >campaign so vigorously opposed to the idea of buzzwords, you sure seem okay using them. I fail to see their use of buzzwords. Not two sentences after saying you don't believe they'd put forth effort with the position you say you expect that out of them? That seems a tad backwards.

"There is a clear flaw in the election system. It is based on popularity and social outreach. " So you're >saying the election process is a popularity contest? How fitting then, for you to both be in fraternities. >Hypocrisy at its finest. I'm sorry what? What is hypocritical about being in a fraternity? I don't see your point. Are you one of those people that hates the Greek system because you didn't get a bid? Sounds like another Sean Hannity alert.

"So what qualifies us for this position? We are both intelligent, good-looking guys..." Okay, so you should >get my vote based off of what? Your looks? Huh.... sounds oddly reminiscent of a popularity contest.... And >what do you mean by saying you'll provide brevity? How on earth is brevity a qualification to be the >president of SGA? They're making a joke. Christ. Do you have a sense of humor? Or are you the Fox News reporting on Georgia Tech SGA Elections? Second, I think by brevity they mean they will get things done quickly as opposed to dragging things out and never actually getting anything done.

"We've been friends for upwards of four years and will be living together in the fall..." This is where I lost >it. Beyond absurd. How on earth is that a qualification? I think being actually good friends is a huge qualification. Rather than just finding someone popular to run with, they decided to do it together. It means they'll work together.

Again, I believe if you're running for election, you aren't supposed to be a clown. This is serious business. >Who I entrust with the ability to spend my hard earned money is serious to me as I imagine it is to >everyone else. These guys don't care as is evidenced in this video. They can't even campaign seriously, so >why would I expect them to take my concerns seriously? So you think that Georgia Tech entrusts your "hard earned money" to be spent by two students? That sounds reasonable. And once again, jesus, take a joke. So what they're lighthearted? I don't think thats a bad thing.

So there. A play by play of your ridiculously meticulous take-down of a campaign video with 30 views on YouTube for a college student government election. Does that sentence put this in perspective? Am I being hypocritical by posting this? Obviously. But know that your response pissed me off enough to do this. If I had to offer advice to you (and you seem like the type of person who doesn't take advice) I would say calm down and take a joke once in a while. So what two guys are having fun with their campaign? It absolutely doesn't affect your life at all. So don't take everything so personally. Gawd.

sorry for the rambling nature of this. I just had so many problems with everything to do with your response that it was hard to say it all in a concise fashion.

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