If you smash an egg on a stranger, you deserve to get punched in the face.

So fucking triggered because I went to sleep and have a job. Too bad I dont have all day to stroke my ego harassing people about being subhumans when you can't even form basic sentences. You provided no evidence until your most recent post other than this, and then got triggered because I didn't immediately validate your anger by caring about your delusions as much as you do.

telling me presidents lose power when they leave office does nothing to adress republicans withholding examination of his nominations in his term while he was president. There is no defense for it.

As for dude bro mc i'm totally not an alchoholic. ITs true that the accusations don't have support or evidence, but the republicans quashing any investigation doesnt look good. But the kicker is I wasnt even talking about whether it was true. He purgered himself before congress multiple times during his testimony. He said he did not hear about the allegations before they were published in the newyorker, but he was already talking to past friends coaching their responses regarding he before the allegations were made public.

My Ire is directed equally at the left and right and the iddiots talking about doing more than what is reasonable and legal are an issue. I hate the edgy memelords of Chapos ironically homophobic traphouse as much as I do the donald.

Posting comments from OTHER people and disarming their irrationality has no bearing on me or my arguments. BUt good straw man.

Then we have:

Equating rape to being high. Should he have been high in the white house? Fuck no. And if anecdotal evidence of snoop being stoned is good enough to condemn him why is Trumps own words not enough? He admitted to sexual assault. Hes Been accused and sued a huge number of times for someone who is "innocent" of the changes he levied against himself in the access holy wood tape.

Again wasn't talking about fords testimony, the testimony alone should not be able to prevent him from being seated as a judged but his conduct and character during questioning should absolutely disqualify him. Then the purgery regarding what he means on his calendar and his knowledge of the allegations. I guess its just locker room purgery.

Character testimony has no bearing on fact.

You didn't press me for anything, I gave you the access Hollywood tape and you said that its been disproved so I linked you to the long list of his accusers.

But here https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-15/trump-should-pay-5-6-million-penalty-over-charity-n-y-says, illegal use of charity funds.

Trump Directed somone to commit perjury before congress, which is also a fellony.


Trump is individual 1

Here's conservatives claiming that Dude Bro Purgered himself.


Oh and heres something for the pile https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/2/21/18231981/north-carolina-election-fraud-new-nc-9-election republicans coming election fraud.

And like I said if you have any evidence I can use to hammer institutional democrats for what they did during the DNC I would welcome it. That isn't an indictment of any of my arguments, only giving me what I am asking for and a poor attempt at whataboutism.

Are you really going to go ahead and claim that the republican party is full or racists? The party of the white nationalism? The party that is doing everything they can to disenfranchise black voters? You need to be saved from their brainwashing as much as everyone else needs to be from you and the apparatus thats designed to fuck over as many people as possible including the useful racist idiots that the republican leadership uses to extract as much wealth from the country as possible.

Also, Opinion pieces and links to reddit do not constitute being linked evidence. But have fun being trigged and blocked. I don't deal with death threats and encouragement of suicide.

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