If someone borrowed your body for a week, what quirks would you tell them about so they are prepared?

Welcome to William Murderface's body!

First, remember that pobody's nerfect. Your left shoulder hurts. Gets used to it or get a massage. Blow your nose as soon as you wake up otherwise your post nasal drip will make you dry heave for 20 minutes and you'll be late for work.

Speaking if noses, yours is real fucked up so don't be surprised that you cant breathe out of half of it.

You're gonna be real dry all the time. Sorry. It's not comfortable, but you're really colorful so that's cool.

Last but not least; yes, it's that big. You don't last long though so hopefully the size is enough to get the job done. If it doesn't, your tongue is capable of some amazing things.

Have fun and don't break anything.

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