If someone has extreme amnesia, would it be possible to give them false memories that they wholeheartedly believe in?

I suffered a brain injury at a young age that completely wiped my Cognitive Reserve, what i consider my first real memories that i can (mostly) confidently say are MINE are only brief moments (or senses that feeeeeel like my past is being poked "that smell makes me think of something in an almost remembered place from an age that feels younger than 8" type stuff) that begin around 14 years old. I have experienced the whole hearted believing of false memories many many times. Believing in a memory so much i end up sobbing when my family tells me my uncle was playing a joke on me and told a story, they didnt think id believed it for 9 years. Or arguing with my sister that yes this happened to me and she pulls a movie scene up on-line and hey, that did not happen to me, its in a friggin movie. The brain is powerful and also easily donked up. Amnesia or brain damage can change a person, literally change who they are. Memories are already altered each time the brain recreates them, someone who has no memories on file will likely soak up anything if it could mean rebuilding a foundation on what it believes to be its previous learned behaviors. It becomes truth when its the only information stored. At least in my experience, this is how it feels to have "fake memories". Identity Crisis much? ugh dramaa

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