If someone saw your preps, what emotion would you feel?

This happened to me recently-- but it was a bit more than "just seeing". We went on an extended vacation and we trusted a friend who is like 40+ years old to watch our kennel of dogs. We had another person watching our barn/horses.

I guess we didn't know our "friend" as well as we thought we did. He took it upon himself to go through ALL of our personal items. All of my storage items and re-arrange shit how he thought was best. A lot of my stuff after a month of being home is either put where I can't find it or just gone. Some things that were of even sentimental value.

For example this doesn't have to do with prepping, but hidden in my large food storage area (the basement) was where my husband kept a large box of Ghirardelli Chocolates-- I'm talking like a case with about 6 large individual bags still left.

This case of chocolates had been a Christmas gift from his mother in 2013. Well, she died Jan 2014, so he was saving those chocolates and eating them sparingly, as they were the last gift from his mom.

Well we come back and he looks for his chocolates, and they are gone. When about 2 weeks after coming home, we question the friend about where they are, and he says "oh, the barn guy was working in that area, maybe he knows". Well the barn guy wasn't suppose to be in our fucking house AT ALL in the first place. So, that's not a valid answer.

House guy had a stream of uninvited strangers in our house. A party at least one night. Basically treated everything like a free-for-all I think.

This case is extreme, but I feel pretty violated over the whole thing. House guy thinks he did a great job with throwing things out, organizing what ever he did, but I still am super upset every time I need something and have to look at my shit.

I had just spent 3 days last fall organizing and putting all my food stores in order by use first dates and now I can't even find anything-- cans are dented and fucked. I am just so fucking pissed, so pissed.

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