"If someone shows you who they are, believe them" A discussion about a certain silencer. [Spoilers RoW]

I started steadily losing respect for Moash after WoR, but wasn’t fully on the Fuck Moash team until now. I certainly never believed he did nothing wrong, although killing Elhokar isn’t the reason why I disliked him.

After WoR, my opinion of him dropped because he abused his friends’ trust for the sake of a personal vendetta. I don’t even mean the end scene, but before that when he helps cut the railing. His friends’ trusted him to have their backs, and he took advantage of that. And frankly, Kaladin absolutely gets a pass at backing out of an assassination at the last minute, particularly when it’s his charge being assassinated. I’m not going to give someone shit for not going through with a crime and betrayal.

Then in OB, I lost any respect I had for Moash when he gave his agency to Odium rather than take responsibility for his actions. That was cowardly.

And yeah in RoW, I joined the Fuck Moash team when Odium lost influence over him, and still all he gave a damn about was himself.

Moash has a history of being selfish and running away from responsibility, and doesn’t seem inclined to change that any time soon.

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