If you support the use of medicinal cannabis, Abhor the use of force against peaceful minorities seeking wellness and representation, then please join R/uktreeslegalise, About to invoke the might of blitzkrieg in the fight against social injustice and cannabis equality in the UK, join up and stand

The plan is only 2 simple results, to gain knowledge and freedom of which somehow we don't already possess.

SO, as for the advocating of WHY we want legal cannabis.

EQUALITY, Cannabis CANNOT be the bastard sword, of which is wielded against the common people, in the name of profit for the upper classes any longer!

Freedom for the people of this capitalism to get a grip on the cannabis market. Which is in a vice grip by corruption in our system.


This one is self explanitory, the people have been blind sided from the truth for generations. We must be the provider of true information to our youth, as they are the key to an informed tomorrow.

When the dust settles and the hard work is over - then we will have contributed in the great armament of the british people with a powerful tool of our own. free, easily accessible media on the true effects of Cannabis.

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