If we swapped the roles or gender of Callum and Rayla while keeping the same actions, would Rayla look worse to you?

Harry Potter is also sent with Snape, Voldemort and many other characters. Hermione is one of the two favorite characters for fans of the series. It is a fact.

Ron is ridiculed in almost all the fanfictions of the Harry Potter Fandom. Find me ten fanfictions where his features are not exaggerated and where he is not ridiculed. It is not for nothing that "Ron the Death Eater" describes a good characters that becomes bad without reason in the fanfictions.

Personally, I saw nothing for Claudia. Her behavior does not seem worse than that of the series.

Basically, I was talking about Harry Potter books, then I thought the other person was talking about fanfictions because they spoke of fictitious characters and not real anyone.

If we talk about the actors who undergo the coup on the part of the fans, I agree that it is serious. The actor who played Anakin Skywalker in episode 1 has mental health problems since he was harassed and I know that the actor who joined Finn was also harassed. I am sure that we can find more example of men and women who are harassed. In addition, if I think he has as many man as a woman who get harassed, it is because it is not everyone who talks about it and denounces.

But enough about that. We deviated too much from the topic subject.

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