If you think Taylor swift should stay out of politics, shouldn't you think Kanye should also stay out of politics, why or why not?

I can't simplify it any further than that last message.

So their perceived racism is just a victim complex

If the racism they are perceiving isn't actually occurring, or it's the opinion of particular individuals they encountered (and not a meaningful social pattern), or it isn't above the normal rate of racism that you'd predict statistically (like you would with any crime)... then yes, they are victimizing themselves.

Your saying racism doesn't exist

I addressed this at the end of the last message. I am not saying that "racism doesn't exist".

But yes, I am indicating that those who believe in identity politics and a socially-constructed version of the world, and who build their identities around their race and/or gender, are typically (or primarily) suffering from self-victimization. Just like the example of the rich woman I gave you, who is probably much more privileged than you are, but who would tell you that you're a "white privileged male" and your "opinions and experience doesn't matter" (if in fact you are a white male, I'm just guessing).

You're trying to reduce it down too much. You can't do that with something as sensitive as this topic.

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